Cotton wraped polyster core spun yarn

Cotton wraped polyster core spun yarn

Cotton wraped polyster core spun yarn


Cotton wraped polyster core spun yarn
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2.   What does Core Spun Yarn mean?

Cotton wrapped polyster Core spun yarn, are made by spun cotton fiber wrapped filament polyester fiber. The continuous filament polyester core makes up approximately 65% of the thread construction,and the cotton fibe is :35%.

3.     constuction:

Note:Our long fiber have 50D,75D,100D etc.All oftension strengtht are over 8 gram per denier

4.Why Use Core Spun Threads For Denim Sewing In Place Of Spun Poly Threads?

1).This core contributes to:

  • Higher strength per size (higher tenacity)
  • Greater uniformity in size, strength and other physical characteristics•
  • A higher initial modulus or resistance to stretching contributing to better loop formation and reduced seam puckering.
  • Better ply security – fewer unravel type thread breaks
  • Superior abrasion resistance & durability
2).cotton wraped polyster can used for high-speed sewing machines.
3). cotton wraped polyster specific used for cotton fabric or other cotton products.

5. Advantagese  shows:

1). Evenness

2).Dyeing process.
It is so difficulty to dyed the cotton wrap polyster core spun thread.
Frst of all ,to dye the polyster filament,and then dyed the spun cotton.Due to the cotton and polyster are different materials with different dyeing temperature,so it is so hard to control the dyeing temperatura,so that is why cotton wraped polyster is more expensive then poly poly core spun thread.
6.The specification fo spool

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