Spun Glow In The Dark Yarn

Spun Glow In The Dark Yarn

Spun Glow In The Dark Yarn


Spun Glow In The Dark Yarn
It  is a new kind of textile material. It could give out light continuously at night over 12 hours after absorbing the visible light for 10-15 minutes.
Therefore, it is widely used in developing new textile products and exquisite products.
Glow thread has many characteristics which make it a specialty item. Are there certain lights that must be used to charge the glowing agent in the thread? How long with the thread glow for? Can I wash it in my washing machine? Is it Dryer-safe?

Product name Glow in the dark thread
Material 100% polyester/Nylon
Count 20S/1
Brand Velve
Grade AAA Grade
Color 1 color
Pack 1.25KG per cone
Payment 30% deposit in advance, the balance against B/L copy
L/C,Paypal,Wester Union
Delivery within 15days after deposit
2.1. Feature: NiteLite glowing thread is made from 100% polyester and from the first steps of the creation process is combined with the glowing agent. This allows for a lengthier glow time and a more durable thread since the glowing agent can't be "rubbed off" the thread. embroidery thread is storeing light in a long time. It presents white in nature light but aqua in dark. The material can shine for at least 6 hours after absorbing enough light.
2.2.Superior Threads' glowing thread is strong enough for industrial machines. Luminous . Having a strong glow-in-the-dark thread is very advantageous since it will hold up in the piece it is being sewn into. For superior glow-ability, it is recommended that heavy stitching is applied to where the glowing effect is wanted. Not a single meandering stitch, but back and forth stitching. This ensures a bold glowing effect.

3,Color : only White color.

4. Application:

Wonderful for Halloween, children's projects (Pajamas, bed sheets, clothing), quilting, upholstery embellishment (not recommended to use as actual upholstery thread), and any use where you want a wonderful glow to appear.
And latchet, mobile bag, string for mobile, string for key, hair band, handbag, string for file bag, outdoor appliance, party, bar property, light stored Chinese knot, pulling string for blind, fishing thread, and it’s also used in some security clothing like mountaineer wear, ski wear, towrope, bluejacket rig, rescue people and police clothing.

5. Package: 1250g NW per cone